STU1967  are Stuart and Sharon Woodhouse, both mid 50'ish. We live just outside the Famous Brecon Beacons National Park in South West Wales- United Kingdom.

 I started collecting stamps as a kid for several years but the interest waned and left in a box for many years. I was drawn back into stamps back in the mid 1990's when I did some work for another stamp dealer which gave me the 'bug' again.


How and when did we start ?

Initially we traded in 1998 ,with our humble goods to the large stamp dealers in London ,we survived on crusts for years. Ebay came along and that was okay for a few years before they started over complicating procedures, higher fee's and new other fee's, seemingly punishing their sellers on their platform. By 2006 we had decided to break away from eBay completely and produce our own website...and taking quite a few of our eBay customers with us. Since Covid 19 hit, so have we. The business is struggling in part due to older customers passing, a lack of new blood ( young children are not interested or encouraged in taking up stamps as a hobby) . Royal Mail are as much to blame, by making their recent issues far too expensive and of little interest or relevance to the main age demographic of stamp collectors. For example in 2023... X Men , Warhammer, Iron Maiden and Blackadder


This website first started in 2006 with a couple of hundred lots that I would have normally of listed on eBay each week, now with over 87,000 lots and growing on average at 200 lots per week it must be one of the bigger and better stamp web shops? Search for  'Stu1967' and we are top of the Google searches.

Please let me know if there are any 'Dead Ends' or 'Broken Threads' on the site and I'll try my hardest to resolve the issues.Keep coming back too,I'm going to be added extra lots  daily.

Please buy with confidence.I may have 7800+ positive feedbacks on eBay ,but over 12,500 transactions,that averages 5 lots per EVERY single customer!

We sell mostly off paper sets, stamps from Great Britain and Northern Europe and Scandanavia ,but also Australia , Canada, U.S and the rest of the world. I also get hold of British Issues used pretty quickly after being released.

Also we have added a large amount of Canadian stamps, Australia and New Zealand. Eventually we'd like to be able to list the whole world as we do have substantial stock of recent world but time dictates everyday what we are able to achieve.