I'd like to think that between us, Sharon and I do a pretty good job and that most orders go through without problems. Unfortunately there have been  the odd glitches on programs that the shop provider run, from which is a third party problem, that had affected our stock control in the past and it has happened again recently.. The shop builders have told me that they are pretty certain it is customers are not pressing the  'Return to Merchant ' button during the Paypal payment process and navigating away to other sites immediately after confirmation has been accepted by Paypal. Also using the  'back' button can have the same affect during checkout process.

There is no minimum value on orders below £3.00 if paid by cheque, or BACS 

Privacy Policy

Any personal information held by us is limited to addresses, (passwords used on our site) and telephone and email addresses that you enter. We never disclose any information to third parties without your consent. We do not hold or see any information on any sensitive information such as credit card details, Paypal passwords  etc, etc.         

 Postage and Packaging Prices.

(Please note that we do not send post out on Thursdays and Saturdays)

As you proceed through checkout the postage will be calculated for the items you have brought. In most cases the smaller items will not add extra to the postal costs. Heavier items will inevitably but not in all cases.

You choose the service you require: Ordinary Airmail , Registered , Special Delivery etc

I offer this service with you able to make the choice regarding value and weight. If you choose a lesser service than required I will not use new or high value stamps on your package and may well use junk mint postage.
I always use collectable high value stamps on Special Deliveries and Registered Airmail services.

Under 100gms ...All items and packaging will total under 100gms.

  (i.e) if you choose an item(s) of 100gm mixture or more it cannot possibly be under 100gms. Also 2 x 50gms will be over 100gms.


Due to several claimed  'Lost in the post' packets going missing to the Far East (including China) , orders over  £30 will only be accepted by International Registered Airmail. If other postal options are chosen, I will keep a 'proof of posting' and  I will claim from Royal Mail on your behalf but I will take no responsibility for the losses.It can take up to 90 days for the Royal Mail to make a decision and pay some compensation. To customers of these area's please choose your delivery option wisely.

In the UK: I keep a record of 'Proof of Delivery' for all items sent. It is the buyers responsibility to select the service they require. I recommend that all orders £30 and above are sent by Special Delivery however the buyer pays for the level of service that they require. I cannot accept responsibility for 'loss in the post' for Ordinary 1st Class mail , although should this happen I will endeavour to file a claim on your behalf as soon as Royal Mail's 15 working days delivery  lapses however I need to wait to confirm that Royal Mail will pay compensation and the amount to pass the compensation to you. 

Special Delivery  and courier option: I will take responsibility.

Made a claim against loss in the post ?

Unfortunately mail may genuinely go missing in the post but we have seen many go missing to places that  customers have told us that they live in a very civilised area and mail doesnt go missing in their neighbourhood, sadly for us it has to the same customers on more than one occasion.

 Regrettably due to how the distant seller rights and how they protect the customer are applied I feel the only fair option we have as sellers is to enforce customers who have had previous mail go missing from us before and have made a claim  through Paypal ,  choose  recorded sign for , Special Delivery or Registered mail option beforehand in the act of fairness of both parties on future orders and transactions. As you'll appreciate there wont be a third time.

Terms of Sale

Most sales go through without problems, however on occasions, I have been unable to supply the odd single stamp here and there possibly due to a small problem with the stock control of the shop system. Where this happens I reserve the right to be able to refund part of your payment by the method you paid by.

I reserve the right to also cancel any order whereupon I feel I may not be able to fulfil the customer's expectations by refunding the customers payment in full in the method in which they paid.

I cannot be held responsible for missing orders when customers do not change their  address on the billing details. Its strange but true, that I have been asked if I have sent an order to  their new address instead of old address even though they haven't changed the address on the order form or their Paypal account ( or others) or even notified me. Paypal and Googlecheckout only guarantee that the mail should be sent to the postal address on the payment details to meet their requirements.

Returns and Cancellations policy

 The “cooling off” period is a period you have as an online consumer in which to make up your mind if you want the goods or not. By law, you have seven working days from the date of receipt of the goods/service in which you can cancel the contract. You do not have to have a reason to cancel – a simple change of mind is enough. If you do not want the goods please send back to us (at the consumers expense) in the same condition in which the items were sent to you. You are not able to exchange the items with your own and send back. We will refund in full the cost of the items returned less the postage and packaging costs.